Ready to help out? Here's how!

Find a charity near you and see what it needs!

First, you need to find a deserving charity to support! Click here to locate a local homeless shelter. Then take a visit to the shelter and ask about their needs. Shelters can always use a variety of items - not just socks!

Select a drop off location and set a goal!

Choose a place to set up camp! Public locations such as schools, community centers, government buildings, or places of worship are often good locations to raise socks. Then set a goal of socks and other items to aim for. Tell your friends and family and try to reach that goal!

Reach out to your community!

Tell your friends and family about this awesome project that you are doing! Let people in your community know about your program (if you're stumped for ideas, check out this page for a list of suggestions). The more people you get involved, the more people you can help!